Is google search dying a slow death?

Google Search is in all its zeal of getting rid of spammy sites with link building malpractices via the Penguin, panda and pay day loan updates. As a result there are now only two kinds of websites available on google search – 1) Big sites which understand SEO and 2) Spammy sites which are also the masters of SEO manipulations. Primary reason why people search is to find precise replies and also discover replies. Google has partially succeed in the first and totally failed in the second.

While Google executives give great lectures about their vision of search and SEO companies form a cult to evangelize google in order to earn revenues, smaller website owners are lost on these developments. Majority of the websites have half hearted or no seo attempts. A lot of good websites have lost out due to this.

As a user, its now amply clear that google has become volatile and simply does not bring result. It just points to big websites. It used to be like that for msn search back in 1990’s

We used to promote google in 1990’s to break the monopoly of msn and now its time to do that with google.

(b)So what are the alternative too google search?(/b)

We have found 3 good alternatives:

1) duckduckgo.com : its a fabulous search engine and its better than google search. Good with social media searches too.
2) Bing.com and yahoo.com : they have improved a lot.
3) regional search engines like yandex.ru, sputnik.ru etc.

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