Contacting Google Adsense support

For the Google Adsense Publishers, the single biggest problem is to get a human based support from the company. It has support forums and sometimes rude replies.

Now Google has rolled out its single page support Help Center: a simplified, personalized contact options page. As per Google, the page has guides to commonly asked question that can help resolving issues. In some cases, these troubleshooters lead to issue-specific contact forms that generate emails to Google Adsense team.

If you are already tired with automated responses from Google, here is more bad news. “We’ve developed automated tools, closely monitored by our support specialists, to help fix issues you’ve identified and process these incoming emails, making it possible for us to typically answer your questions in only a few hours.”

At the same time, there is hope. Google also has given an option of personalised Email support to directly contact AdSense and receive support via email. The catch is ” You will get a reply in 2 ‘business’ day.

You can access the Google Adsense support page : Click Here.