Dropbox now announces Mailbox officially

Cloud storage company, Dropbox has officially welcomed Mailbox, the creators of popular Gmail client for Mobiles.

Why Dropbox acquired Mailbox is still a mystery. Obviously, there is going to be an integration. Both Dropbox and Mailbox do not replace anything, but make folders and mails (respectively) better (atleast that’s what the companies say). At the same time, Mailbox writes on its website :

We’ll continue to actively develop Mailbox as a standalone product—building features, adding users, and expanding to more clients and devices. With the support and resources of Dropbox behind the product, we’ll be able to do this even faster.

Then it goes on to write :

Plus, imagine what cool things you could do if your Mailbox was connected to your Dropbox…

However, there is one thing clear on Mailbox stand alone road map. In the Q&A on their blog, ailbox writes:

Will Mailbox ever be available on Android? iPad? Desktop? What about Exchange? iCloud? Generic IMAP?

While our MVP supports only Gmail and iPhone, over time we plan to support as many email providers and devices as we can.

Meanwhile, there is a long que ahead for mailbox. While we wait for our turn, we might also know what these two are up to.