Google Reader being closed

Google Reader is shutting on 1 July. Google says the users are falling and is subtly promoting its Google Plus social media network. I take another step to move away from Google. Only two useful features Google now has is Adsense and Google Translate service.

Google Plus is not same as Facebook or Twitter. The zeal by webmasters to promote Google in 1990’s due to Microsoft and Yahoo is lacking today. I really have my doubts of Google Plus as a social media. Google has back stabbed the webmasters with Panda update, new image search and now the reader.

As far as alternatives to reader is concerned, Digg is creating a RSS reader and hopes to complete it before July 1.

Other alternatives worth trying are NetVibes, NewsBlur, Feedly, The Old Reader, Feed a Fever, Bloglines, Reeder and Twitter Lists.



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