Mobile OS to look out for in 2013

1) Ubuntu Mobile: The Canonical back OS is expected to shake up the mobile os industry a bit. With a all native core apps and no Java overhead, its good for entry-level smartphones and uses the same drivers as Android. The first Ubuntu Smart Phone is scheduled to rollout in August 2013. Expect production – delivery by Feb 2014.

2) Firefox OS : Developed by Mozilla’s Boot to Gecko project (B2G), it uses a Linux kernel and boots into a Gecko-based runtime engine. Users can run applications developed entirely using HTML, JavaScript, and other open web application APIs.

3) Blackberry 10 : it is worth a watch as it might uplift Blackberry and its committed BBM users.

4) Android 5.0 (Key Lime Pie) : You need a narration? But it will see a lot of competition by Linux based OS.

5) Apple iOS 7 : Will it be a king after Steve Jobs depression is over?

6) Samsung Tizen (based on Linux) : will it be Android killer? with so many Samsung handsets being sold, this has a potential.

7) Sailfish OS (based on Linux) : Made by Jolla for its mobiles.

8) Windows 8: A late entrant, but might catch up.

9) WebOS: On 26 Feb it was acquired by LG from HP for Smart TV’s. Will this survive ad an mobile OS in 2013?