Nokia Windows Phone 7.8 update download

Nokia Lumia 510, 610, 710, 800 and 900 – Windows Phone users can now download 7.8 update.

One main benefit listed is New resizable Live Tiles for 4 columns and it can potentially help reduce scroll.

Nokia Lumia apps with focus on Camera Extras and Bluetooth Share. Camera Extras include Smart Shoot to choose the best smiles in one photo and Action Shot captures movement in your photos and Panorama gives you a wide view.

You will get a notification on your mobile. Check how to turn on Nokia Lumia software update notifications and check by region – Click Here

To download the software update, connect your phone to your PC and use the Zune PC app; on a Mac, use the Windows Phone app for Mac.

Download Zune PC App Here and Download Windows Phone app for Mac Here

Once you are done, head for the Nokia Lumia apps.