Shifting back to AltaVista Search

Remember altavista.com ? It was the preferred search engine before Google came and redefined search. The search engine was bought, shut down and later restarted by Yahoo.

Altavista search

Altavista search

If you go by all the tech talk, altavista is now plugged to Yahoo! Search BOSS. But don’t get fooled. AltaVista is actually can give you same satisfaction that Google Search once provided before the Panda Update.

duckduckgo.com is another different search engine. It can also give you some search and discoverability factor like altavista. It will possibly end up as my second option.

Use this http://www.altavista.com/web/results?itag=ody&q=%s&kgs=1&kls=0 to add altavista search engine for Google Chrome browser.

The reason for shifting is that Google, Bing and Bing fed Yahoo are increasing looking similar and I need some fresh air while searching.


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