Table rate shipping for WooCommerce

One of the challenges of WooCommerce based carts is the table rate shipping. WooCommerce plugin for the same is very pricey and out of reach for most starters and small carts. Most people are searching for Woocommerce Table Rate Shipping Torrent to download this plugin.

For most of you, the table rate shipping requirements are not so complex and there are genuine alternatives for a cheaper price. I am listing some of them with price.

1) This Table Rate Shipping for WooCommerce plugin comes for just $ 19. I encourage you to take a look at its features. 1150 odd users cannot be wrong, do they? It has huge number of options including Multiple Zones, Three Conditions, Volumetric Shipping, Rules Based, Different Cost Choices, Simple Bundling, Handling Fees, Tax Inclusion and Customer Options.

2) WooCommerce Cart Based Shipping for $ 15 is another possibility. It adds a new shipping method directly to your WooCommerce settings.

3) WooCommerce Currency Converter is $ 15.

4) WooCommerce Wholesale Pricing costs just $ 19.

5) WooCommerce Distance Rate Shipping for just $ 14.

There are whole lot of more possibilities. Click WooCommerce Plugins for your needs here.